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Carver Tandem Tire Covers

Carver Tandem Tire Covers

Dual trailer tires, or tandem tires, should be protected just like your boat - with a USA made cover by Carver Industries. Whether short or long term storage, it''s imperative to preserve the look and life of your marine possessions with a quality product. The cover is easy to install and secures tightly around the tires with a strap and quick release buckle.

Installation Instructions

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Tire Size

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8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard

Best for Breathability, Durable

Poly-Guard is made in the USA from durable 100% marine- grade polyester. Extremely water repellent and UV resistant, this material makes an excellent choice for a leaning post cover in just about any environment. Poly-Guard is a breathable fabric, meaning that air is allowed to penetrate the material, discouraging the formation of mild or mildew. The breathability of this material makes it a great choice specifically for areas which experience high humidity and moisture. Poly-Guard weighs 8 oz per yard, so it is lightweight and easy to handle. It offers the highest tear strength of all our materials. This material comes with a 5 year warranty.

Selected: 14" Tires (60" total length)

7 oz. Sun-DURA

Excellent Water-Repellency, NEW Material

Sun-DURA™ is a 100% marine grade polyester fabric which is made in the USA. This material was specifically developed to provide superior water repellency and UV resistance, and it is a Carver Industries exclusive. Sun-Dura™ is our most popular leaning post cover material, and because it is so water repellent, it makes a great choice for areas which receive a lot of rain. It is also a solution dyed material, which means that its dye is inherent to the cover's fibers, causing it to be exceptionally fade resistant. Sun-DURA™ has a 7 year warranty.

Selected: 14" Tires (60" total length)


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