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Caribe Inflatables Bimini Tops by Carver

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A White Vinyl Carver Bimini Top with Round Tube

List of Caribe Inflatables Models (Years)

C10 O/B 2001-2008 C10 O/B 2015-2024 C10X O/B 2002-2008 C10X O/B 2015-2024 C12 O/B 2001-2008 C12 O/B 2015-2024 C12X O/B 2019 C13 O/B 2006, 2007, and 2008 C13 O/B 2015-2024 C14 O/B 2007 C14 O/B 2015, and 2016 C14 O/B 2019-2024 C15 O/B 2001, and 2002 C25 O/B 2001-2006 C25 O/B 2019-2022 C25IF O/B 2006, and 2007 C27 O/B 2001-2007 C27 O/B 2015, and 2016 C32 O/B 2001-2006 C32 O/B 2015, and 2016 C35 O/B 2001 C38 O/B 1996 C39 O/B 1996 C43 O/B 2001 C8 O/B 2007, and 2008 C8 O/B 2019-2024 C8X O/B 2007, and 2008 C8X O/B 2019-2024 C9 O/B 2001-2008 C9 O/B 2019-2024 C9X O/B 2002-2008 C9X O/B 2019-2024 CL13 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2022 CL14 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2024 DL11 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015-2024 DL12 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015-2024 DL13 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015, and 2016 DL13 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2024 DL15 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2006, 2007, and 2008 DL15 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015-2024 DL20 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2008 DL20 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2022, 2023, and 2024 DL200 OPEN O/B 2022 I27 O/B 2019-2022 I27IF O/B 2006, and 2007 I32 IF O/B 2006, and 2007 I32 O/B 2001-2022 L10 O/B 2001-2008 L10 O/B 2015-2024 L11 O/B 2002-2008 L11 O/B 2015-2024 L8 O/B 2007, and 2008 L8 O/B 2015-2024 L9 O/B 2006, 2007, and 2008 L9 O/B 2015, and 2016 L9 O/B 2019-2024 MVP10 O/B 2007-2022 MVP11 O/B 2007, and 2008 MVP11 O/B 2019-2022 MVP9 O/B 2007 ROWERS 1321F O/B 2008 T12 O/B 2007 T12 O/B 2015, and 2016 T12 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2024 T12X O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019 T13 O/B 2007 T13 O/B 2015, and 2016 T13 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2024 T14 O/B 2007 T14 O/B 2015, and 2016 T14 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2022 T15 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2001 TX O/B W/ CONSOLE 2001 UB12B O/B 2019-2024 UB12C O/B W/ CONSOLE 2020, 2021, and 2022 UB12SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2011-2019 UB13 B O/B 2015, and 2016 UB13 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015, and 2016 UB13B O/B 2019-2022 UB13SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2024 UB15 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2008 UB15 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015, and 2016 UB15B O/B 2015-2024 UB15SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2019-2022 UB17 B O/B 2015-2024 UB17 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2008 UB17 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015-2022 UB19 B O/B 2015-2022 UB19 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2008 UB19 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015-2022 UB20 B O/B 2015, and 2016 UB20 B O/B 2022 UB20 O/B W/ CONSOLE 2008 UB20 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015, and 2016 UB20 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2022 UB24 B O/B 2015, and 2016 UB24 SC O/B W/ CONSOLE 2015, and 2016

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  • Nylon Fittings - Included
  • 3 Bow Stainless Steel Fittings - add $99
  • 4 Bow Stainless Steel Fittings - add $109


  • Ready to Assemble

Our Bimini Tops Feature

Bimini Features Graphic

Material / Colors

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7.6 oz. Sun-DURA Sun-DURA®9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic Sunbrella® - Special Order

Standard Bimini Top Features - Round Tube Frame

Features for square tube frame, super sport, and stainless steel frame will vary.

Hold-Down StrapsHold-Down Straps constructed of polypropylene webbing with stainless steel slide buckles and strong, cast nickle-plated brass snap hooks. *Universal Deck HingeUniversal Deck Hinges allow the option of mounting your top in virtually any position (angled, flat or side-mount).Nickle-Plated Brass Eye StrapsTop quality nickel plated brass eye straps for securing the hold-down straps to the gunnel are superior to cheap, plastic eye straps offered by some competitors.
Bimini Top mounting kitThis mounting kit is included with every bimini top purchase.Installation HardwareAll necessary fasteners for mounting your top are stainless steel for strength and durability.Double Wall Aluminum 7/8" heavy-walled bright finish aluminum tubing standard with 3/4" insert. The double wall is for strength and stability.
Outside Eye End is RivetedThe outside eye end is riveted on the main bow to provide greater stability and security at this key stress point.  

* The hold-down straps attach to the eye straps and bear an immense load. This is a critical stress point that should never be compromised by purchasing a top with plastic or wire snap hooks.

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