Carver Flex-Fit Boat Types

Many of our customers prefer a basic cover with our quality construction. Our FlexFit covers are just that. Because of their loose fit they accommodate many unique boat configurations, but are not recommended for trailering.

Line art of a Flex-Fit Boat Cover
Choose the type and size that best matches your boat from the chart below.

Body TypeLengthWidth
Fish & ski boats I/O or O/B16'-19'96''
Tri-hull bass boats14'-16'86''
Tri-hull boats I/O or O/B14'-16'86''
Tri-hull boats I/O or O/B17'-19'96''
V-hull boats I/O or O/B17'-19'96''
V-hull boats I/O or O/B20'-21'102''
V-hull fishing boats14'-16'78''
V-hull low profile cuddy cabin boats I/O or O/B19'-22'102''
V-hull narrow bass boats14'-16'78''
V-hull runabouts I/O or O/B14'-16'86''
Wide bass boats16'-19'96''