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Carver Boat Covers for V-hull Center Console Shallow Draft Fishing Boat with T-Top

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Line art of the V-hull Center Console Shallow Draft Fishing Boat with T-Top boat style
Select Dimensions
V-hull Center Console Shallow Draft Fishing Boats w/ Hard or Soft T-Top
How to determine your size?
For dual engines, order next larger size (unless otherwise stated). Cover comes with boat cover reinforcement kit, heavy-duty tie down kit, rope ratchet and two support poles. Cover is intended for storage only.


  • Available in the Sun-DURA material
  • Cover is designed and engineered in Landrum, SC by Carver Industries
  • Access the boat while covered with dual zippered entry on port and starboard sides
  • VHF antennas are allowed to exit through a slot which features hook and loop closure
  • Cover will accommodate for antennas, outrigger mounts, GPS and rod holders
  • Excellent cover for storage and mooring
  • Cover is designed for a single engine. For Dual Outboards, you should order the next size larger cover
  • Cover is designed for bow rails up to 26" in height
  • Intended for storage only
Dual Entry Hard Top Boat with an Open Carver Boat Cover

Cover Includes

  • 2 support poles which are made to go inside your rod holders, so the cover does not apply pressure to your equipment
  • 1 square yard of self adhesive reinforcement/repair material
  • Rope Ratchet for tightening the draw rope in the hem of the cover
  • 12 black polypropylene straps to be used for tying the cover down
A DEHT Boat on a Trailer and Line Art

Other Information

  • Best Price Guarantee! Contact us with lower pricing on an identical item, and we will beat it!
  • In stock colors ship immediately

Part Numbers

Covers With Outboard

*Select the part number for the dimensions and motor type that best fit your boat OR use the dropdown selection above. If you are having trouble finding what you need feel free to give us a call toll free at (855) 701-7017.


Part No.Centerline LengthBeam WidthPriceIn Stock
90018SW 18'6"102"$782.49  
90019SW 19'6"102"$802.99  
90020SW 20'6"102"$822.99  
90021SW 21'6"102"$843.49Yes
90022SW 22'6"102"$863.49  
90023SW 23'6"102"$883.99  
90024SW 24'6"102"$903.99Yes
90025SW 25'6"108"$924.49  
90026SW 26'6"108"$944.99  
90027SW 27'6"120"$1,002.99  
90028SW 28'6"120"$1,059.99  
90029SW 29'6"120"$1,161.99  
90030SW 30'6"120"$1,109.49Yes
90031SW 31'6"120"$1,206.99  
90032SW 32'6"120"$1,254.99  
90033SW 33'6"120"$1,254.99Yes
90034SW 34'6"120"$1,352.99  

Measuring Instructions

To choose your size, simply measure your boats overall length from tip of bow to back of transom in a straight line with no contours. These covers are made to accommodate for a single outboard mounted on the transom. If you have dual outboards, please order the next size up. If your outboard is mounted on a bracket, please include the bracket in your overall length measurement

What makes our material better?

Both Sun-DURA and Poly-Guard materials are made in the USA by highly respected mills- Glen Raven and Shuford. These materials are true loom-woven marine grade polyesters which are designed to withstand harsh elements, such as intense sun and heavy rain. The weave on these fabrics is very tight which makes for high tear resistance. Either material will perform well in any area; whether you live in the extreme desert, or are using this cover for storage in a tropical climate. They are even good for areas like Alaska and Canada where you get extremely cold temperatures and snow. Both materials are breathable meaning you don't have to be concerned with mold or mildew developing while your boat is under cover.

The difference between these materials is that Sun-DURA comes in more color options, and it is slightly better for fade resistance. The material is warrantied for 2 years longer than the Poly-Guard. However, both of these are top quality materials which will perform in any environment. Either would be an excellent choice to protect your boat.

We are proud to offer these materials and stand above our competition. Carver Industries makes these covers in Landrum, SC.