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Glasstream Boat Covers by Carver

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Glasstream has been in business for over 30 years as a company both manufacturing and designing fishing and pleasure boats. It was originally founded by A.L Kirkland, who is now the chief of operations. They currently produce about 15 models which range in length from 17-36 feet. They are located in Panama City, Florida.

Glasstream's patented hull design originates from an 80's racing boat named “Turn of the Century” which won a APBA Championship in Key West. This unique hull type has since become a standard for performance v-hull boats. Glasstream's hull design is made specifically for a “very fast, dry and soft ride”. If you are interested to learn more about your boat's manufacturer, you can check out their website: //

In the meantime, you should start protecting your Glasstream today! Get a top of the line cover by Carver Industries for your Stinger, Bass & Ski, Angler, Tempest, or Predator by choosing your model and year from the list below.

We Also Offer Bimini Tops for Glasstream

List of Glasstream Models (Years)

140 STINGER ALL YEARS 142 PREDATOR 1992 1440 BASS CHIEF ALL YEARS 145 DELUXE/FISHERMAN 1992 1450 O/B 1993 1450 PRO O/B 1993 15 V HYDRA BASS 1992 15 V HYDRA SKI ALL YEARS 1500 FISH & SKI 1983-1987 1500 HYDRA BASS ALL YEARS 152 FISH & SKI 1983-1987 152 TEMPEST I/O 1983-1987 152 TEMPEST O/B 1983-1987 155 1993 1550 BASS & SKI ALL YEARS 1550 FISH & SKI 1983-1992 1550 PRO 1983-1986 1550 PRO BASS 1992 156 SPORT A BOUT ALL YEARS 160 V 1992 162 BR ALL YEARS 165 SF 1993 166 SPORT & FISH 1992 17 BAY FLITE 2005-2009 17 CCR 2009 17 CCR 2014-2019 17 FCR 2014, 2015, and 2016 17 FCR W/ POLING PLATFORM 2014, 2015, and 2016 17 FLATS FLITE W/ POLING PLATFORM 2014-2017 17 RR 2009 17 RR 2014 17 V HYDRA BASS 1992 170 BASS & SKI ALL YEARS 170 FLATS FLITE 2005-2009 1700 FISH & SKI 1983-1987 1700 HYDRA BASS ALL YEARS 172 BR/GXL 1992 172 CUTLESS I/O 1987 172 CUTLESS O/B 1987 175 SF 1993 1750 ANGLER ELITE 1992 1750 BASS & SKI 1992 1750 HYDRA BASS 1992 1750 PRO/DC 1993 176V ANGLER ALL YEARS 180 BOSS T E ALL YEARS 180 CC O/B 2014-2017 180 CC O/B 2019 180 SE ALL YEARS 1800 HYDRA BASS ALL YEARS 182 CARAVELLE 1987 1850 PRO/DC 1993 19 COHO 1992 190 SE ALL YEARS 190 SE CUDDY ALL YEARS 192 BR ALL YEARS 192 CC 2005-2019 192 CC W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2005-2019 192 CUDDY ALL YEARS 192 REGATTA ALL YEARS 192 REGATTA CUDDY ALL YEARS 20 CCR O/B 2019 2000 ELIMINATOR 1983-1987 21 CC ALL YEARS 21 COHO 1992 210 O/B ALL YEARS 210 SE CUDDY ALL YEARS 2100 O/B ALL YEARS 211 BR ALL YEARS 211 CUDDY ALL YEARS 211 GXL/BR 1992 221 CC 2014-2019 221 CC W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2014-2019 228 BAY TOURNAMENT 2014, 2015, and 2016 228 BAY TOURNAMENT W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2014, 2015, and 2016 228 TE O/B W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2010-2019 230 CUDDY CABIN 1992 240 CC W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2014-2019 240 CCX O/B W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2019 242 CCX W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2010-2014 245 CC W/ T-TOP W/ TWIN ENGINES 2016 2500 EAGLE 1983-1986 255 PRO-XS W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2019 260 TE W/ T-TOP W/ SINGLE ENGINE 2014-2019 273 CCX W/ T-TOP W/ TWIN ENGINES 2010 273 SCX W/ T-TOP W/ TWIN ENGINES 2010 273 SCX/SPORT W/O T-TOP 2007, 2008, and 2009 280 PRO-XS O/B 2019 280 PRO-XS O/B W/ T-TOP W/ TWIN ENGINES 2019 280 SPORT 2014 328 SCX W/ T-TOP W/ TWIN ENGINES 2010 6.2 METER BASS 1992

Don't see your model listed for this manufacturer? Find a cover based on your boat style.

Why Choose

Since 2001, Boat Covers Direct® has been proud to offer Carver boat covers for GLASSTREAM boats. Made in the USA in Landrum, SC, these covers are manufactured using cutting edge technology in areas including material handling, cutting, and sewing. Over 30 years of experience have taught Carver important lessons in fabric choice and finishing for longevity.

We believe that our customers are loyal to us because we take care of them. We stock popular GLASSTREAM covers and ship them out quickly, usually the same day that you place your order. Our customers like purchasing Made in the USA products, and selling these top quality covers and tops is important to us. Even though you only need to purchase a cover every 5, 7, or sometimes every 10 years, we want you to remember where you received the best cover and the most value for your money.

We offer FREE shipping in the contiguous US. International customer? No problem. Call or chat with us for affordable shipping options.

Material Options and Pricing

Carver boat covers are available in your choice of materials, including 11 oz. Poly-Cotton, 8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard, and 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic. These materials are made specifically for outdoor use by domestic mills such as Glen Raven and Milliken.

8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard 8 oz. Performance Poly-Guard 7 oz. Sun-DURA 7 oz. Sun-DURA 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic 9.25 oz. Sunbrella Acrylic
11 oz. Poly-Cotton 11 oz. Poly-Cotton Ultra'tect Ultra'tect Sunbrella Sunbrella

Prices start at $99 for some of our closeout covers and vary based on material selected and boat cover size.

Tie-down Kit and Storage Bag Included FREE on Every Order

New for 2013, Boat Covers Direct® is including a tie down kit and a storage bag free with every Carver boat cover purchase. If you want to trailer with your Poly-Cotton, Poly-Guard, or Sunbrella cover, you must have a tie down kit. If you try to travel, even a short distance, with bungees, you’ll find that your boat cover flaps violently in the wind. Over time, this can lead to stretching or even ripping of your boat cover. Tie down kits are necessary for trailering because they do not stretch. Your boat cover order will include a kit of 12 polypropylene straps with buckles, kind of like the ones that you see on a life jacket. Even if you don’t trailer your boat, it’s much easier to snap a strap to tie a cover down than to have to tie and retie rope every time you store your boat. We added a free storage bag to sweeten the deal, to make it easier to store your cover when you’re not using it.

Protect your investment with a boat cover.

All Carver covers and Bimini tops are made right here in the USA in Landrum, South Carolina. For over 30 years, Carver has been a leader in the marine industry because of the exceptional quality of their handmade boat covers and Bimini tops.

Help preserve the value of your boat with a cover that is water repellent, mildew resistant, and UV resistant. Our boat covers are excellent for storage, either on dry land or in the water. All of our Carver boat covers include a free tie down kit which is made to aid in securing the cover to the trailer. Carver’s styled-to-fit and custom boat covers are trailerable unless otherwise noted. Materials offered are Poly-Guard, Sun-DURA, and Sunbrella, and warranties range from 5-10 years.

Our styled-to-fit covers are patterned with precision to ensure a great fitting and great looking boat cover. This is our most popular type of cover, and it is designed to fit your boats specific style and length. These styled-to-fit covers have shock cord (shock cord is like elastic, only much, much stronger) in the hem to provide a snug fit. In addition, if your boat has an outboard motor, your boat cover will come with a free attached motor cover (excluding boat covers for inflatables, which cover the boat and motor in one). Our styled-to-fit covers come with a guarantee of fit and satisfaction, as do all of our products!

Our custom covers are designed specifically for select boat models. They are made with the boats every contour in mind, ensuring a perfect fit. Custom boat covers come with a draw rope sewn into their hem, which usually exits at the stern, allowing you to pull the cover snug. If your boat has an outboard, your cover will come with either an attached or separate motor cover- call us for details on your particular cover.

All of our covers carry full warranties that protect you completely. We offer a price match guarantee, so you don't have to worry about price. If you find it cheaper elsewhere, please contact us. We will beat any competitors' price on the same item by $10!

We ship our covers direct to you quickly, many times the same day that you order. If your item is not in stock, it will take us no more than 5 business days to hand fashion your cover based on your order. You choose the color and material—we have many available.

We make it our mission not only to provide a cover for your boat, but to provide you with the RIGHT cover for your boat. Accept nothing less than a cover that will last for years to come and look great while doing so. Let our cover work for you—the only thing that you need to do is enjoy boating!

You can place your order via our website, by phone, or using our Live Chat. If you are having trouble finding the boat cover or Bimini top that is right for you, or if you just want to talk to someone before making your purchase, call us. Our toll free number is 1-866-626-8377. We are located in Chesnee, SC, and we have plenty of knowledgeable representatives here to assist you.

Cover Features

Styled To Fit

  • Made in the USA by Carver Industries in Landrum, SC.
  • Styled to Fit Boat Covers are available in four quality materials. All materials are made and obtained within the USA.
  • A strong quarter inch shock cord is sewn throughout the hem to guarantee a snug fit.
  • Attached motor covers are included on covers for boats with outboard motors. Made for the largest motor allowed on the boat by law.
  • No raw edges- all seams are folded 4 ply.
  • Sewn with weather resistant anti-wick thread.
  • Tie down loops are double stitched and reinforced for strength.
  • CoversDirect warranty

Custom Fit

  • Made in the USA by Carver Industries in Landrum, SC.
  • Custom Fit Boat Covers are available in four quality materials. All materials are made and obtained within the USA.
  • A durable draw rope is sewn throughout the hem to guarantee a snug fit.
  • Tie down loops are double stitched and reinforced for strength.
  • Cover is ideal for trailering when tied down.
  • Sewn with water resistant anti-wick thread.
  • Cover has stress pads sewn in for use with our boat cover support pole (sold separately).
  • This cover is custom made for this model, which means it is guaranteed to fit perfectly
  • No raw edges- all seams are folded 4 ply.
  • Cover is reinforced at stress points.
  • CoversDirect warranty

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