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How to measure for pontoon seating

When designing your new pontoon floor plan, you need to measure the space allowed within the deck and/or rails for the new furniture. If you have bench seating in the front, then you would measure the area along the railing. If you have ā€œLā€ shaped seating in the back, then you would measure from the center point of the ā€œLā€ shape to the left and again from the center point to the right, to confirm the total allowance. Make sure to leave room for your gates to open properly.

Seat Dimensions

This schematic may be helpful in determining the best arrangement for your desired needs:

Seat Schematic

If you already have a few pieces, whether full seats or bases only, and would prefer to continue with your existing layout, feel free to send us images and measurements so we can help you select the best options.