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PWR-ARM II Features

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Video Transcript

Designed for nearly any pontoon or deck boat, the PWR-ARM II provides shade and protection at the push of a button.

The only fully automatic bimini top on the market, this bimini top comes standard with a helm mounted control switch. The switch allows you to deploy the top, adjust the angle of the top, and lay the top back at the push of a button.

An optional remote control is available that will deploy the top, angle the top, or lay the top back from up to one hundred feet away.

The PWR-ARM's unique radar position allows you to adjust the angle of the top in conjunction with the sun. As the sun moves overhead, your bimini top can move with it providing coverage at any angle.

The PWR-ARM's groundbreaking technology also allows you to get under those low lying bridges, tunnels, and overpasses. Just lower the top as you approach then redeploy the top all with a push of a button. No more fumbling with straps and hooks.

The PWR-ARM II comes standard with a running light cut-out and matching storage boot. When ready for storage, simply collapse the bimini top with a touch of a button and install the included storage boot as normal. This will keep your PWR-ARM II protected while storing or trailering and looking new for years to come!