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Fishmaster Casting Platform Leaning Rail

Fishmaster Casting Platform Leaning Rail

The Fishmaster Leaning Rail is an easily added attachment to your casting platform, which helps you to keep your feet planted and reel in the big one. This added accessory stands 36" above the casting platform and is made from 1.66" polished and anodized tubing. Finished with stainless steel fasteners, the Leaning Rail can be quickly removed by simply removing 2 bolts.

Casting Platform Leaning Rail




One Inch Rail Mount

Allows you to mount any accessory made to clamp onto a 1" rail mount to your Fishmaster T-Top

Casting Platform

Non slip casting platform for fishing. Features quick release hold down and removable legs for storage

Rail Mount Rod Holder

Rod holder that can mount on the casting platform leaning rail, or any 1.66" rail