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Fishmaster Admiral's T-Top Package

Fishmaster Admiral's T-Top Package

Accessory Options:

Adjustable Fishing Rod HoldersQuick Release KnobsElectronics BoxLED Navigation LightLED Spreader LightUniversal Antenna Mounting BracketLED Light Bar

With all the bells and whistles of add-ons, the Admiral's T-Top Package has it all. This package includes the following accessories to your Fishmaster T-Top, making your order a one-stop shop!

  • LED Navigation Light will ensure safety while you are out on the water. This light features 12V and 360-degree illumination. This is designed for use with the universal antenna mounting bracket.
  • Universal Antenna Mounting Bracket is made with T6 marine grade aluminum. This will fit for tubing sizes 1.90" and 2.25". The predrilled holes will allow for an exact match for the Fishmaster navigation light, spread light and folding light.
  • LED Marine Spreader Light (no mount) is 6 inches wide and features 1530 lumens. This will mount directly to the T-top and can be rotated depending on your needs. The universal antenna mounting bracket is recommended for installation.
  • The waterproof Electronics Box allows you to keep your electronics, like your cell phone, and other small valuables safe and locked up. This features fiberglass construction, a hinged front panel and 2 keys. This can be easily installed to the T-top on the underside.
  • LED Light Bar is 21.5 inches wide and features 10800 lumens. This light will feature a spot/ flood combination. It will come with stainless steel mounting brackets and can mount directly to the T-Top.
  • The adjustable Fishing Rod Holders (4 total) features a unique swivel mount that is designed to fit a 1.90" tube. It has a rotating clamp that allows you to pick any angle between 30 and 180 degrees and lock it in place.
  • With Quick Release Knobs (8 total), this will allow you to easily collapse your Fishmaster T-Top while not in use. The knobs are designed to be installed at the break away and side braces.

Package Includes

Package Price: $2,556.08

Fishmaster Folding T-Top:
Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder - 1.90":
Quick Release Knobs (2 Packs of 4):
Electronics Box:
LED Navigation Light:
LED Spreader Light:
Universal Antenna Mounting Bracket:
LED Light Bar:

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$ 2,556.08


Light Bar

Mount some lights on your T-Top's frame

Navigation Light

Navigation Light for your T-top, meets USCG requirements

Fisherman's Package

Package includes a Fishmaster folding t-top, 4 adjustable fishing rod holders, and 2 packs of quick release knobs.