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Outrigger Holders

Outrigger Holders

Mount Fishmaster's Outrigger Holders to your T-top to prevent drilling holes in your boat's gunnels. Simply affix at the desired angle, and insert your outriggers. The swivel mount design and rotating clamp allows you to position rods in any location. Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum with 303 stainless steel hardware and polished with a bright anodized finish. These holders come in a pair and are attractive, convenient and versatile.

Outrigger Holders (Pair)




Adjustable Rod Holders

Adjustable rod holder designed to mount to your Fishmaster T-Top

Outrigger Mounting Bracket

Allows you to mount your outrigger holders to your T-Top

Universal Inserts

Allows you to mount Fishmaster T-Top accessories on different sized frames