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T-Top Stabilizer Bar

T-Top Stabilizer Bar

The Fishmaster T-top already offers exceptional stability. If you enjoy navigating rough waters and want additional support, the T-Top Stabilizer Bar is suggested.

The stabilizer bar will adjust to fit widths from 24" to 50". It can be installed at the location and height of your preference on the T-top, whether that's high or low, on the front tower legs or even the rear legs. Tubing is polished and anodized, and fasteners are stainless steel.

  • Adds additional stability to your t-top
  • Works as a grab handle
  • Easy, seamless install--hardware and installation guide are included

Installation Guide

T-Top Stabilizer Bar




T-Top Standoffs

Stregthens your T-Top's structure by attaching the T-Top to the center console

Vertical Brace

Add some extra stability to your T-Top. Great for T-Tops with alot of accessories attached

Universal Accessory Rail

Used to mount an electronic box or any other accessory to your Fishmaster T-Top