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T-Top Standoffs

T-Top Standoffs

Strengthen your T-Tops structure by simply adding this standoff pack between the T-Top and your console. Ideal for most center console style boats, including inflatables, that measure less than 30" tall from the floor. Includes: 304 stainless steel rods with multiple spacers made of plastic acetyl, washers, nuts, and all hardware needed to achieve a custom fit.

Installation Guide

T-Top Standoffs (Pair)




Vertical Brace

Add some extra stability to your T-Top. Great for T-Tops with alot of accessories attached

T-Top Storage Bag

Attaches to the underside of your T-Top and provides room to store small boating accessories

Stabilizer Bar

Suggested for using your T-Top equipped boat in rough waters. Also works as a grab handle