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T-Top Vertical Brace Standoffs

T-Top Vertical Brace Standoffs

Increase the stability in your overloaded T-Top with this Vertical Brace Standoff by Fishmaster. This brace is best for consoles measuring less than 30" tall and an excellent choice for inflatable boats. Each kit includes quick release knobs to easy fold the T-Top when not in use, and all hardware for a perfect mount to the top, side, or front of the console. It's highly recommended you use anti seize during assembly and the installation is painless.

Installation Guide

Vertical Standoff Brace Kit




T-Top Standoffs

Stregthens your T-Top's structure by attaching the T-Top to the center console

Stabilizer Bar

Suggested for using your T-Top equipped boat in rough waters. Also works as a grab handle

Light Bar

Mount some lights on your T-Top's frame