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Tuff Coat Rubberized Deck Coating

Create a non-slip surface for your boat deck or dock using Tuff Coat. These easy to apply coatings adhere to virtually any type of surface including concrete, previously-painted surfaces or even steel. Created through a process of cross-linking urethanes, acrylics, and co-polymers and using recycled rubber crumb as an aggregate, these coatings are long lasting and highly durable. Water-based Tuff Coat Marine Coatings are environmentally friendly and UV and impact resistant. For best results, use only the Tuff Coat roller to apply Tuff Coat coatings. Shop Tuff Coat primers and rollers

Product Details:

  • Water based acrylic / urethane
  • 1 gallon covers 45 square feet
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • No VOCs or isocyanates
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Flammable
  • Flexible

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UT-100 Standard Rubberized Coating - 1 Gallon

This is a very tough yet flexible non-slip coating for use on fiberglass, concrete, wood, aluminum, and steel. Ideal for all boat decks and docks designed for heavy traffic and is highly abrasion and wear resistant.

$104.00 per gallon