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Westland Support Poles

Westland offers two types of support poles- vented and snap style. The difference between these two poles is mainly in how they attach. Both types of poles will support your cover and help to allow water run off so it does not pool.

The vented pole will help to prevent moisture from building up inside your cover so mold and mildew do not develop. It does this in addition to supporting your cover so water is not allowed to pool. You simply sandwich the cover between the two disc like pieces and then attach your pole from the underside of the cover. You are able to adjust the pole's elevation to create the support height you need.

The snap style pole is made to snap directly into the cover with the use of the self-adhesive snap patch. The snap patch is included with the pole and it features a female snap. Once you peel the backing off and adhere the snap to the cover, you can simply snap the male snap on top of the pole into the patch, connecting the cover and pole with ease. This pole's height is adjustable so you can customize it to your particular boat's needs.


Snap Style Adjustable pole- 30"




Vented Support Pole- 30"




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