Bimini Top Rocket Launcher: Trolling Tips

Boat Rocket Launcher

If you like to take your boat out trolling, but don't have room for extra rods or don't enjoy fumbling with rods while your bimini is deployed, then you'll love the bimini top Rocket Launcher. Made by Carver Industries, the bimini Top Rocket Launcher fits virtually any bimini top with 7/8-inch tubing. With hinged-jaw slides, you can install it quickly without disassembling your bimini top. The Rocket Launcher features six rod holders. Boat Covers Direct®, a leading seller of the bimini Top Rocket Launcher, offers you the following tips for better trolling.

  1. Invest in high-quality, strong, sharp hooks. Don't try to save money with cheap hooks. The hook you choose can mean the difference between keeping a fish on the line and losing it.
  2. Learn to set your reel drag appropriately. The reel drag should be tight enough to tire out the fish without being so tight it breaks the line. Drag should be 25 percent of the line's breaking strength, which is labeled on the fishing line package.
  3. Don't move too quickly through the water as you troll.
  4. Don't troll through schooling fish - troll along the front edge.
  5. If you're not having success, change your lure. Different lures work at different times, so change it up whenever you stop catching fish.
  6. Troll in shallower waters early in the day and deeper waters later, as fish tend to move from shallow to deep water throughout the day.

Make your next fishing trip easier and more enjoyable with a bimini top Rocket Launcher. To begin, search our site.